Monday, November 4

Customize Your IKEA Dresser with PANYL

Have you heard of PANYL?

Once we settled into our new apartment, we were able to see what kind of storage was needed. I searched through many buffets, hutches, and sideboards but nothing seemed to work. We didn't need shelves for dishes or a rack for wine bottles, but a hearty storage space. I have to admit we were inspired by a PANYL blog post and fell in love with this DIY look.

We started with a simple MALM birch veneer six drawer dresser. Oh so boring...


PANYL to the rescue. We ordered the strips to fit our MALM dresser drawers and used the LANSA stainless steel handles.


I was nervous about applying the PANYL strips, but it was pretty fool-proof.  I started on one side, lined up the corners, and smoothed the strip as I moved across the drawer.

HM helped me with the drawer pulls and we lined them up pretty well. Tip: Make sure to drill the holes for the handles before you apply the strips. Then all you have to do is poke through and strip and screw the handles on.  And if you mess up on a hole, you can just cover it up. ;)

Once we finished the drawers, I hung a collage wall of our favorite artwork, quotes, and pictures.  The top of the dresser is both functional and perfect for a few extras like our mini-bar and coffee table books.

Overall this project cost under $300 and is a lot less than anything I found. I think this has to be my favorite DIY project to date! Such a transformation!


This project definitely made me think about how I could customize other IKEA pieces. That reminds me, LACK Table IKEA-hack coming soon...

[PANYL Woodgrains: Top left and middle right = Rosewood, Middle left and bottom right = Bamboo, Bottom left = Red Cedar, Top right = Limed Oak]



  1. Can you specify which woodgrains from the site you purchased? Specifically the bottom left drawer?

  2. Hi Caroline, I added the woodgrains to the post! :)

    PANYL Woodgrains: Top left and middle right = Rosewood, Middle left and bottom right = Bamboo, Bottom left = Red Cedar, Top right = Limed Oak

  3. Hi Samantha,

    I loved your blog post and really like how your project turned out. I'm working on updating a Kallax shelf and have debated on getting Panyl for a while-- I've had my eye on the limed oak color for a while. Would you mind sharing if you found the color to be true to the website? In your last shot, it looks more cool and grey than the previous ones?

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  5. Hi Jo - I found it true to the website! The second to last picture gives a good ideas of the color tones. Good luck!