Friday, September 5

My Life in Baked Goods...

Well it's been almost 6 months since my last post, so I thought I would share my life through the sugary treats that marked some big occasions.

It all started with the snow days we had back in February.

And you've seen this one, but it was my first attempt at a rosette cake. I feel like this cake got the ball rolling for me.

Then my ice cream and cake-loving husband had a birthday.

This cake was a lot of fun to make! There's something about layering frozen ice cream with cake and covering it all with sugary sprinkle-filled frosting.

Monday, March 3

Ladiezzz Brunch

Do you ever just need some time with your ladiezzz?

After our move and the holidays, I missed my friends so I planned a "girls only" Saturday brunch. All of the recipes are from my domestic hero, the Pioneer Woman. Her holiday cookbook is amazing and has a lot of great ideas that you can mix and match! Find it here. I know we're in the digital age, but there's something about flipping through a cookbook and getting a few stains on the pages.

So brunch, one of my favorite meals. Brunch means you got to sleep and your first order of business is food. Good food. Eggs, potatoes, bacon, maybe even something sweet.

Here's my Ladiezzz Brunch Menu:

This recipe was really fun to make! I would recommend serving immediately. The eggs only take about 10 minutes and it all starts to harden if you don't eat them warm.


And after...

Really easy and cuts out the work of actual french toast!

Martini Yogurt Parfaits
I originally had four lovely martini glasses with yogurt, granola, and berries. Here's a tip, don't put the glasses in the fridge where they will fall back out at you the next time you open the door. Just throwing that out there.

To Drink: Trader Joe's Pear Cinnamon Cider (delicious!) and Mimosas.

And brunch is a great excuse to bring out your fancy plates, napkins, and serving ware!

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, February 11

Food Blogger Crush: Sally's Baking Addiction

So blogging isn't easy to keep up with (hence my absence since November)... I swear I have some excuses but I'll spare you. Even though you haven't seen any posts, I've been baking a lot lately and the thanks goes to my new favorite blog, Sally's Baking Addiction. Sally's recipes aren't overly complicated, her pictures are gorgeous, and she has a lot to choose from!

The recipe I fell in love with are her Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes. To be honest strawberry wouldn't have been my first choice, but I had some berries and heavy cream leftover and thought I'd give it shot.


I think the fresh strawberry puree and whipped cream are what make this recipe!


And the finished product...


Needless to say, these disappeared pretty quick! Thank you Sally!


Monday, November 11

Walk to End Alzheimer's

HM, Bali, and I participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer's in October. It was a beautiful walk around DC and made me realize I need to get more involved in the charities I support like the Alzheimer's Association.

November is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness/Family Caregiver Month.

At the walk, they handed out different colored flower pinwheels and asked everyone to hold up based on how the disease has affected them. The yellow flower represented those that are currently caring for someone with Alzheimer's. Wow, so many flowers were raised. 

My grandma and great aunt cared for my Great-Gram when they realized she could no longer live alone. That kind of commitment to family is commendable and self-less. Towards the end of my Gram's life, she lived in a nursing home and many family members visited her regularly. My grandma and her sister made sure Gram still went to get her hair done, had nice clothes to wear, and even though she could no longer speak to us, she felt loved. I'm blessed to be apart of a family that cares so deeply for each other and no matter what happens in life, I will carry that on.

[Photos via HM]

Wednesday, November 6

Pumpkin Bars with Caramel & Sea Salt Topping

I promised HM I'd start baking once Fall hit, so I stocked up on pureed pumpkin and got to work. One of the most amazing parts of our new place is the kitchen island. It serves many purposes...dining table, cutting and prep area, and now my baking zone. I feel like I've truly hit my late-twenties when substantial space for my baking is what excites me most. Well, I own it. I'm 28 and not afraid to gush about my domestic life.

On to the recipe...


Sea salt and caramel. I'm not sure I need to say much more. 


Monday, November 4

Customize Your IKEA Dresser with PANYL

Have you heard of PANYL?

Once we settled into our new apartment, we were able to see what kind of storage was needed. I searched through many buffets, hutches, and sideboards but nothing seemed to work. We didn't need shelves for dishes or a rack for wine bottles, but a hearty storage space. I have to admit we were inspired by a PANYL blog post and fell in love with this DIY look.

We started with a simple MALM birch veneer six drawer dresser. Oh so boring...


Friday, November 1

Costume Idea: Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe

I've always loved Andy Warhol and thought an art-inspired costume would be fun to create. I found some tips online and voila!


Friday, October 25

View from the Couch

I hate to admit it but I've been using some of my new free time to do nothing more than relax on the couch. (Does it count if it's a new couch?) Although we've been walking more and making regular gym visits, I miraculously have also found time to start some great Netflix binges.

Breaking Bad is the first. I'm into Season 2 and can't wait to see what happens. The second is Scandal. I watched Season 1 earlier this year and was disappointed that I couldn't find a way to catch up on Season 2.

Don't you love when a show has the banner "New Episodes" on Netflix?

Well I now have 22 episodes (more like 10 at this point) of Scandal.

The show is based in DC and I love Kerry Washington as the lead power woman. That brings me to what might be the most important part of the show...her wardrobe.

Wednesday, August 28

Settling In...

Whew, what an awesome last few weeks!

Lots to share and many posts to come with DIY projects! And easy and inexpensive ones at that!

Our lives have truly changed for the better with this move. From being able to better organize our things (prompting us to think "Why did we do it this way for 5 years?"), to enjoying all the city has to offer (as in FOOD), and loving the shorter commute.  We have so much more energy and time in our new home. :)


Stay tuned for ideas on how to maximize your kitchen space, transform a bland IKEA dresser, and how to mix and match your old and new furniture!

We're headed to the beach this weekend for a little R&R.  Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!

Wednesday, July 31

We're Moving!

We have exciting news...we're moving (next Friday)!

Well only about 20 miles, but it will be a fun and different change. Right now we're dependent on our cars and have way to much stuff just because we have the space. Our new apartment is nearby tons of restaurants and within walking distance to some great areas.

Buh-bye suburbs! We're not ready for you yet!

Tuesday, July 16

Must See TV: Orange is the New Black

Don't you love when you find a show you can't stop watching? This weekend I discovered Orange is the New Black on Netflix. It's one of those Netflix originals like House of Cards. Jenji Kohan, the creator, offers the same lighthearted, witty, and somewhat strange humor as her other popular show Weeds. The main character Piper Chapman is a yuppie New Yorker who finds herself in prison for 15 months. The show switches from past to present, connecting us to the characters and their stories.


I'm also currently watching New Girl, which is amazing because the episodes are only 20 minutes and it makes me literally laugh out loud.

What are you watching?

[Photo via]

Thursday, July 11

Photo Hub: Cheesy Photos

My friends recently came back from Italy and it made me nostalgic for Europe. I loved every minute we spend in Italy and Paris. It was chic, romantic, but we stayed our goofy selves. Unbeknownst to me, there are a lot of opportunities for cheeseball photos in Europe. Here's a few of ours.

And I would say wearing a beret in Paris is a little cheesy, but I loved every minute of it.

[Photos via HM]

Tuesday, July 9

When it rains...

Raindrops are falling on our heads all week...

It makes me want to stay in and watch movies all day long or TV show marathons. My favs are The Wire, Sex and the City, Mad Men, and Dexter. AND New Girl was just added to Netflix! I've heard so many good things about this show.

Being a couch potato wouldn't be right if I didn't have my olive oil popcorn...remember this?

Tuesday, July 2

Summer Must-Haves

It's S-U-M-M-E-R...That moment you realize you're going to have to show off your pasty winter white legs and stock your fridge with Coronas and limes.

What are your summer favorites? What to hear mine? Too bad, here they are.

Mango salsa like this yummy recipe here.

Long Maxi Dresses. Remember my Summer Uniform?

Margaritas...with salt. 12 different options found here.